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1st Person Narrative Adventure

Their destiny, your choice...


Six people die in a house fire.

History used to say they survived.

Can you fix the past to save the future?


In the far future, experiments in time travel corrupted the past, catastrophically changing the future. To survive, a small fragment of humanity isolated itself from the time stream. They now struggle to repair the corruption in the past, to try to create a future they can one day return to.

Sent from the future, your latest mission is to save six people who died in a house fire. Forbidden from direct contact, you must observe the past events and choices that led to each housemate’s demise. You must then manipulate those choices, changing and repairing their past, to save them all from the impending fire.


Immerse yourself in an intriguing, truly unique non-linear adventure, that explores the consequences of the choices we make in everyday life.

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