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Latest Art Blog

Hi all, just a quick update on what our art team have been up to. They have been working extremely hard prototyping the environment for The Seer over the last few weeks. As some of you guys may know, the demo from last year included most of the ground floor and basement areas, but for the full game we will be opening up a couple of rooms that were closed in demo, adding an entire second floor, and an exterior!

At this stage of development the environment is constructed from reasonably simple models without too much detail and no materials, fine detail isn’t much use at the moment, what really matters now is the layout, space, scale and flow of the environment. Doing it this way improves efficiency and safety, therefore ensuring that it’s quick to work with simple un-textured models when compared to more complex geometry and materials, and then when we add the details to the environment we can be confident that the initial prototype work is viable and functional.

Check out the screenshots of some of their work, and please feel free to let us know what you think.

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