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Radio silence over. Is this mic on?

Hello to one and all. We’ve been radio silent for some time here at Cosmonaut and a lot has changed over the past few months... or is that nearly a year now? Anyway, we figured it was probably about time we gave you all an update. We’ve been pretty busy, in fact, we recently entered Alpha which is an exciting time, seeing all the various pieces of the game coming together. There have been a number of changes along the way, some of them quite substantial, but we feel all of them have improved the game immensely. We will be discussing these changes and the reasoning behind them in some upcoming posts, but for now we just want to point out the glaringly obvious one – the game’s name. Due to the new directions we took through development, ‘The Seer’ no longer really fitted and the game is now called ‘Second Chance’. Again, we’ll go into more detail for the reasons behind this in a future post. For now though, know this, ‘The Seer’ has transformed from what it was and has instead become ‘Second Chance’. The King is dead, long live the King. Until next time (which, honest, won’t be as long a wait as last time)

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